Artist’s Statement

I am deeply fascinated with the process of turning the ephemeral nature of light and shadow into a permanent image. I was drawn to photography at a very young age.

With my camera photography (analog and digital), I love being able to reduce time to a single frozen moment.  That slice of time becomes mine. I can show the whole scene as it was, or I can manipulate the image to show only what I want you to see. Photography has always walked a fine line between documentation and deception. 

In my experimental photography practice, time stretches pushing the emulsion to shift and change. I let go of the perfection of what the camera sees and immerse myself in the random chaos of “what if I do this?” How does cyanotype chemistry react to acids and alkalis, what if I make my chemistry using local, natural water sources?

Standing at the intersection of science, mathematics, and art, photography is an endless exploration of how to capture and hold on to light. And even with everything I know of the science behind photography, it still feels like alchemical magic to create prints from chemistry and paper.