The Local is a 21 years of age and older Establishment


We have a new winter selection of wines! Stop in and enjoy a glass….or two.


The Northwest has amazing beers. Have a glass of one of our 8 beers on tap that we think are the belles of the ball.


You’ll come for the beer and wine and stay for the food. Now serving lunch!!


The quiet of a conversation is important to us. The Local is TV free so you and your conversation can be heard.


Growing up in Northwest Boise, this neighborhood has always been special to Rebecca and Katie. As adults, they enjoy spending a night out with their friends and family over a glass of wine or beer and delicious food, but this usually meant fighting the downtown crowds.

They asked themselves, why shouldn’t our neighborhood have a great place to spend a nice evening out? Spend an evening out at The Local and discover this amazing part of Boise.

LOCAL: noun \ˈlō-kəl\  (PUB)

UK: a pub in which a person frequents and is near to where that person lives.

We are proud to highlight local artists.

Current Artist: R. Ryan Canning

Hi! I’m Ryan. I was born in Idaho, which makes me a native Tater Stater. I grew up in the perfect setting on a small horse ranch/farm, playing with my older brother in safe activities such as motorcycle tag and BB gun fights. Even with a proclivity towards said fun, I ultimately graduated from college with a BA in Finance and Economics. And minors in History and Sociology. And 2 or 3 languages for good measure…even earned honors, so now you can take back the eye roll you gave my childhood entertainment! I have lived here and there. Done this, that and the other. Oh, and I ran. A lot. And was even fast enough to think I was good. Just not quite good enough to be THAT fast. Eventually wandered back to Boise. Started a business or two. Work with some very large companies. Even had a few pats on the back and awards for my charity work. You might be surprised to know I now jump out of and fly off of things. All of that has lead to this…Wanderer. Photographer. Napper.


I mostly like to point my camera at something, focus, maybe zoom and click the shutter! My work focuses on capturing how I see the beauty and simplicity of a moment, whether it’s landscape, portrait, lifestyle imagery, or a moment of fun. For me it is as much about the journey and process of getting to the shot which adds a certain level of emotion as well as a story to the final product.


  • 20 amazing wines to choose from
  • 8 of the best beers on tap
  • Food that will keep you coming back
  • A comfortable place to visit with friends
  • Staff that will make you feel like family


I was visiting from Chicago and my brother recommended The Local. Such an amazing selection of wine and beer…, and the food, wow! I wish I had my own Local in Chicago.

– Sara C.

he food, the drink, and the atmosphere is great. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone went out of their way to make my friends and my night out perfect. The Local is a must visit.

– Steven F


Have a large party or just wanting to make sure you you have a special table for that long awaited date-night? Call us and we will save you a seat.

@ 208 412 3095


Now Open For Lunch!!!

Mon-Thurs : 11:30-10

Fri-Sat : 11:30-11

Sun : Closed


Looking for a quiet place to relax, unwind and listen to solo and duo artists perform? Come join us at The Local.

June 5 Wayne White
June 9 Kait and Kyler
June 12 Dave Manion
June 19 Sono Fuego
June 23 Nicole Christensen and Ben Burdick
June 26 Pat Rice
July 10 Sono Fuego
July 14 Tom Taylor
June 16 Swingin’ with Ellie Shaw 7-9
July 17 Blaze and Kelly
July 21 Rebecca Scott and Debbie Sager
July 24 Addam Chavarria
July 31 Deviant Kin Trio

August 4 Wayne White
August 7 Speedy Gray
August 11 Nicole Christensen and Ben Burdick
August 14 Sono Fuego
August 18 Rebecca Scott and Debbie Sager
August 21 Mississippi Marshall
August 25 Kait and Kyler
August 28 Tom Taylor

To inquire about booking please contact Katie Blackwell by submitting a sample of music- Katie@thelocalboise.com




Now Open For Lunch!!!

Mon – Thur : 1130am-10pm

Fri – Sat : 1130am – 11pm

Sunday : Closed

(must be 21 or older)

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